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From little acorns, big oaks grow – and it’s the same with coaching. Something small can often make such a large impact.
Coaching helps you see things in a different way, with fresh eyes, which in turn stimulates new thoughts and ideas.

Fresh eyes and a gentle nudge

Sometimes, a little nudge is all that’s needed to get a ball rolling. Coaching with me, Rosemary Williams, is very similar.

I am a catalyst for you to change faster than you would have done on your own. When you are stuck or can’t find a way forward, a fresh pair of eyes can see what’s been there all along.

Your thoughts are stimulated to find out what you don’t realise, and assist you to pinpoint unhelpful habits. You will identify thoughts and beliefs, and develop your thinking skills.

You’ll find your foggy head soon clears, chaos subsides, and panic slows down. Gently, you will start to analyse what’s going on, and see where the tweaks can be made.

Through the way I coach, you can make a small change that will have a great effect.

I specialise in balancing your business, supporting you to reveal a niche, and finding a potentially profitable gap.


Find out how to get your ball rolling again

Business Coaching to:

Identify new profit stream
Find gaps in the market
Improve systems and processes
Manage change
Be accountable
Navigate you through closure

Personal Business Coaching to:

Gain confidence
Find clarity
Develop interpersonal skills
Work more effectively
Prepare for career change
Transition to a new role
Work towards a promotion
Leave a post
Manage chaos

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5 tips to help with a business awards form

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10 reasons to enter a business awards

10 reasons to enter a business awards

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Join me for a free 30-minute session* to let me know what your concerns are, what you want to change, and your goals.
We’ll start to look at how I can help, where to start, and what’s needed to help you to overcome your fear or  barriers, reach your goal or make sense of things.

*Free session via phone / video call. Face-to-face will incur travel expenses.

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